Help (no maps found)

Oct 2, 2012
i recently bought a tomtom one from a friend

when i start up the tomtom it keeps saying that i don't have maps
where can i find those?
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You need to use Home 2 (get it at and maps are purchased using Home.

But did you not test the unit before buying it?
When you connect to Home, Manage my Device (2nd page) items on unit-->maps (what does it say)?
Then I guess it doesn't have any.

When you start up the unit, does it say 'no maps found'?

If you look at the contents of the unit using Explorer, does it show a specific map folder (like Europe_West) with files in it?

If the answer to the last two questions are 'yes' and 'no' (to the last), maybe you need to pick new friends..... :cool:
Ripped you off .. well, maybe. The solution is to find a map somewhere on your friend's PC. If he ever did a backup of the unit, bought a new map, or accepted what we call the "Latest Map Guarantee" after buying it, there's a fair chance that map is still on the PC somewhere and can be moved back to the TomTom.
i'll go to see that friend tomorrow and see if he still has the maps on his pc and otherwise he can give me my money back

because i have tomtom for iphone
but that didn't work that well on 3gs without the tomtom carkit
Here's two places you will certainly want to look:

\My Documents\TomTom\HOME\Download\complete\map
\My Documents\TomTom\HOME\Backup\GO\Backup01
(the above might not be 'GO', but we don't know your model type yet)
@Chris, It's a "ONE" of some description (1st post) :)
So accustomed to seeing it in caps, I blew right past it. Well, we know what he's looking for now :thumb:
If you don't see any map folders in either of those folders on your friend's PC, then I'd be asking for my hard earned Euro back. Present cost for a new map (plus 4 updates) is €55 (plus VAT and all that). Not sure a ONE 2nd (New) is worth that much extra money to either of you.
he must have the maps, it used to work

if they can't be found i will def ask my money back and i don't think he'll make a problem off that, he already knows it doesn't work
i have the tomtom app on my iphone but it didn't work that well on my 3GS, hope it'll be better once i have my 5
Let us know what you find in the locations we specified. It's possible he's lost a hard drive or bought a new PC or something else that would explain no maps on his PC, but we can hope, yes? Just because it used to work, that is no assurance that he ever did any of the things that might have caused a copy of a map to be copied to his PC.
i don't think he bought a new pc, i'm more afraid he never connected it to his pc

i'll let you know for sure

i want to thank all of you who tried to help me
i found a backup file on his pc

now how do i get those on my tomtom because putting the files where they should be and then try to back it up using tomtom home but that doesn't seem to work
If the backup was made using Home, then use the Restore function also in Home. Is that what you did?

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