help needed with voice instructions

Sep 4, 2011
sheffield, england
TomTom Model(s)
i have a tom tom XL model, i seem to be having problems with it regarding giving vocal directions, i.e. sometimes when you approach a junction usually it would say for instance 3rd exit off roundabout a123,on several occasions you just get the last digits i.e. 23. on other occasions when approaching an exit you could be on top of the exit before it speaks,then sometimes you dont get any instructions but the visual map is spot on. can anyone advise ? is it something i have done wrong ?or am i missing something. i never had any problems with my first tom tom. :confused:


Does this happen with all voices you select? Don't know offhand whether that model has computer voices. Anyway, try a different available voice and see if problem persits.
voice instructions

hi dhn, forgot to mention i am based in england, it does have computer voices installed, so i have kate,who speaks english and gives street names, selected. it gets really annoying when on motorways it does not give clear instructions,its like there is some sort of delay on it
Yeah, I knew where you were (powers of being a moderator :) ). Try resetting the unit. If that doesn't help, maybe uninstalling and reinstalling the application.

Does this 'voice breakup' happen on every trip or just once in a while?

Is your map up to date for the unit (875 is the latest).

If you give a starting point and destination point for a route you are experiencing the problem, perhaps one of our UK supermods can demo the trip on their units and see if they experience the same problem.


Not sure if this will help, but I remember reading this before...

If you have a lot of POIs set to show on your map, the CPU can get busy and overloaded so much so that voice instructions can either be delayed or not be there at all. If this is the case, try changing your TT to show just 1 or 2 POI categories and give that a try.

Worth a shot.


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