help down loading new map!!!

May 1, 2007
Gadsden Alabama
TomTom Model(s)
GO 910
I had just puchased a 910. I have already started putting it into use. I am from Alabama, and am now currently on a trip. Went to D.C. then to Baltimore, now in edgewood Maryland. Tonight going back to D.C. then tomorrow going to NYC for a few days, then home.
So far the 910 has been OK. I love it, except for a couple of small problems. one is it locked up on me. I had to figure it out on my own but did reset the unit and it had been good ever since. while in D.C. the tomtom got me lost just for a bit though. it sent me down the freeway but a part of it that went to a dead end!!!!!! I re-navigated it and i was on my way. do not get me wrong I love the 910 so far. If i did not have it i would still be in D.C. somewhere trying to find my way out.

(ha ha) ok here is my next problem that hopefully someone can help me with. I want the up-to-date map. v-665 i believe. i have v-650. i thought i would have to pay but it says i get a free update. ok I follow the instructions but when i go to tomtom home, click the update it goes to the down load screen but it always gives me an error message. either no file found, or just "error (read error)" or it will just show the screen with no progress (progress bar) then will finally lock up. any suggestions? need more information? i am running windows xp thanks for any help i can get.
also will the updated map have updated POIs? i did look for a couple of places the tomtom sent me there but the place was not there something else was in its place, as if it went out of bussiness and something else took it over.
thankds again, sorry for being so long winded.



WELCOME! First and Foremost...I was a bit unclear on some of the things you stated in the post but Ill do my best to help if I can. EDIT: I re-read your post...Have you logged into and activated your Plus account?

Ok I ran into the SAME problem. Let me walk you through the steps I did:

1. Ensure that your TT HOME program is up to date...version 1.5 build 106 I believe
2. When you start your TT HOME program what is displayed on the bottom left under the LOGIN globe?
a. If it shows anonymous then you will have to set some stuff up.
b. If it shows you TomTomPlus email address you are probably good to go.

If it shows Anonymous....make sure that you first off...register on the tomtom home page and set up your tom tom plus account. Write down the email and password you use.

You have to set up your Tom Tom Plus account on your 910 as well.....if you click on the link in my signature it will give you a run down on how to set it up in your 910.

Ok now hopefully it is all set up in your device AND on your Tom Tom HOME program.

Start your HOME program and DONT hook up the device yet.
Look at the globe and hopefully your Tom Tom Plus account is set up. If it does not show your email address there then you need to press on it and log in with your email and password you wrote down before.

Then it should show you logged into your plus account.

Connect your device....

This should be good to go now hopefully.....

You should then be enabled under your plus account.

You will need your device name and the little credit cardthing with map info that was provided in the box.

Now.....on the WEBSITE....there will be a link for the map download...try a search as I cannot get to this exact page again. It will ask for your information to include device name. Then it will activate your free download. The download is 1.4 Gb and it took me an hour to download. When it is doing this there will be a number to write down...DO THIS...this is your confirmation number and you may need it if you contact tech support.

If this does not help try this link.....

Now with all that being said above....did you make a backup of your device initially???? You MAY have to restore your device. I had to do this and TT tech support walked me through absolutely everything. If none of the above helps you give them a call and they are VERY helpful. They walked me through everything Step by Step.

A word on the new maps...they were GREAT for me as I live in a few areas where there is BOOMING construction. The new roads are all on them...I was very surprised.

Let me know if this works for you but have no fear you will get it all worked out!!!!!

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thanks guttboy,
Yeah I think I have everything setup right. I am logged on (bottom left corner). I get as far as the down load screen. It finally got to 13% and stopped, i think it just timed out. it took about 4 hours to get to that 13%. Maybe due too internet speed. i am out of town right now (maryland, and now New York city visiting). I think I will give it a try when i get back home (Alabama). thanks for your help. even with the older maps i think we did ok with te 910. only got turned around about 5 times. this includes Baltimore, Washington D.C.and NYC.


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