Hello, new to the forum, but old hand at GPS

Aug 19, 2010
Hello all,

Well, where to start.

I suppose I should go back to my first navigator, which was on an old Nokia N95. and a separate Bluetooth GPS receiver.
Well I just loved it.
It took me all around Europe, and countless hundreds and hundreds of driving trips.

Then I moved onto Garmin Mobile briefly, briefly means for about a week, then back to TomTom.

Then the new Garmin Nuvi appeared, I actually won it at a raffle, so I was lured back to Garmin briefly.
This Nuvi lated about 2 weeks, then went back in the box, only for the trust N95 to sit proud in its home made cradle in my car.

Then on a trip to China, I bought a 7 inch Windows v5.00CE device, running IGO8.
It was better than the Garmin's, but still far short of Tomtom.

So now I have Garmin Nuvi, TomTom mobile, and Igo8.

What a faff !

So friends, Romans and countrymen, lend me your ears ask I.

I want to remove the IGO8 off the 7 inch WINCE v5.00 and run the Tomtom.

It has been suggested that I should look for Tom Tom v7.910.

Then should look for Western Europe 850-2782 for it.

My question is, will this hotch pot work?

How new are 850-2782 maps,

Well folks,

Thanks for reading.

Tomtom no longer supports nor releases new maps for wince. Map 850 is 3 years old.

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