Hello all + need some help rebuilding SD card

Sep 6, 2010
London, UK
TomTom Model(s)
Hi all. Been looking through the forums but not found any advice that may may solve my problem. I have a tomtom one and a while ago my map (UK and ROI) got corrupted. I had also failed to backup (stupid I know) and tomtom support didn't really help much.

Well, I've tried all sorts the latest being copying the contents of friend's tomtom SD card (identical model + maps to mine). At some point I erased/formatted the card (on a Mac) so think I have lost all trace of the original info. Suffice to say copying from my friend's card did not work. I was met with the tomtom screen that shows the card being rejected upon start up :eek:.

I'd really like to avoid having to avoid buying a new card from tomtom and am hoping there is a way of 'saving' my tomtom.


Think I have bad news.....

Even if your friend's map is on a legitimate sd card from TomTom, you can't simply copy the contents to your card since the other map is locked to the card. In other words, you can't copy from a legitimate sd card to another and have the map work.


Thanks + that's what I thought the answer might be. I was wondering if there was a way around this through a hack or similar. After paying the device I'm really not keen on spending more money for the same thing I've already bought.

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