Greetings from SouthCentral Kentucky

Mar 17, 2007
Kentucky USA
TomTom Model(s)
910 w/ v7.10 maps
New Member. Hello to all!. I live in a small town close to the Bowling Green Kentucky area (home of the corvette).

I have been reading this forum for 2-3 months. Tons of information that helped me decide to buy my first GPS, tomtom go 510, a month ago.

It arrived with the old map and I used it for 1-2 weeks, before installing the new free upgrade. It came with the USA maps on a 1gig card. I installed North America on a new 2 gig. Also currently running the latest version of home, tripmaster and a few extra POI from this site.

I also left my orginal software on the orginal 1 gig card. I copied that onto another 1 gig and updated that with the new USA maps. It let me use the same code. So I have 3 different sets of maps on 3 cards.

I would like to add that I have found the best way to backup your card is to just hook up your tomtom to your computer (via usb dock and ac power) and access the unit directly thru windows explorer. Copy the entire card from the unit to a folder in "my documents". Just name the folder "backup 3-38-07". Works everytime. You can also copy back to another card (in whole or by file). Make sure that antivirus, spyware or firewall is not running.

I agree with a lot of other members that a lot of roads (that were correct on old maps) have either been changed, mis named, deleted, or moved. I live in a small town and my entire street was moved. Tomtom says I now live in a cow pasture!

Otherwise, there are also some improvements in the larger cities. Seems more accurate there. Seems like the inaccuracies are in the smaller towns. I am using the NS map exclussive now. But I do wish they would put my home street back on the map.

I use the unit along with some common sense. I won't follow it over a clift (although it did try to lead me into a dead end road, onto a railroad track). But it will sometimes lead you in circles in downtown areas. When things like that happen, I found out that you can just take a "wrong" turn and it will recaculate correctly.

Anyway, I am going on a family vacation in May. Flying to San Diego for a weeks stay in rental home in La Jolla. First visit there. I have been to northern California a few times.

How about some input from you southern CA guys. Hows the accuracy in the San Diego area? We will cover the whole San Diego area and take day trips to Anza desert, Carlsbad and other beaches up towards LA.

Great forum. Keep up the good work!!!

Randy R.
Hello, RandyR, and welcome! I like what you did with having 3 SD cards with maps. I also have my original 1g SD card as backup to my 2g with North America maps. Enjoy the forums!
I can't help but notice...if you take out the "y" in your name, you're RandR! :)
Thanks Fanchee.

A lot of good ideas on this forum. I hope I can add to them. I am somewhat of a computer geek. But just learning GPS.

Its also a good idea to back all this up to a CDR, in case your computer crashes.

I like it, I'm jealous! Welcome to the forums. I'm also a computer geek that is now getting into GPS. :)

I see you have a one. I actually at first ordered a one on sale from Office depot. Went to the store to pick it up and they could not find it. So they gave me a 510. What a deal! My only dislike is the size. The one is very portable. Nice unit.
I actually don't have it yet, but my profile is ready for when it arrives! ;)

You will like the One. I realy don't use the bluetooth features on the 510 and would have been satisfied with the one..

I borrowed a friends Mio the other day. The One is much better.

Hope you get it before the free maps expire.
Thanks! I'm really excited about it. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get those maps, but I'll definately try.
Welcome to the site RandyR! I already posted ot you int he Hot deals thread, but I figured I bettrer say welcome too!

Akeru actually won his ONE from our contest a few days ago... nto sure if you were aware of that or not. (everyone hates him now haha)
Thanks Battom,

So I guess you COULD hold out on shipping it to him until the map upgrade expires!

Just kidding.

This is really a great information site.

Randy R.

One more thing. I have a post ( conserning San Diego travel) in the General forum I need help with. I am sure that you know some of the southern Ca guys. Please send them my way.


One more thing. I have a post ( conserning San Diego travel) in the General forum I need help with. I am sure that you know some of the southern Ca guys. Please send them my way.


I believe Pedro and the Admins are from SoCal...
I believe Pedro and the Admins are from SoCal...


I commented on your question regarding San Diego.

Hope you have nice trip.

FYI: When on the plane, turn on your GO 510 and you will see the plane (you) fly by over the states. It's an awesome site. Be sure to look at the speed of the plane!

Thanks for the welcome.


I like the plane GPS idea. I am always wondering were we are when its clear and you can see land. Also, I will check out your San Diego comments later today.

Randy R.

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