GoLive 2050 - slot on the bottom

Dec 4, 2006
Adelaide, South Australia
TomTom Model(s)
One (sold), 720 (dead), GoLive 2050
I have just bought a 2050 to replace my dead 720 and whilst reading off the serial number for registration I noticed a slot on the bottom right.

I haven't found any reference to it in any of the documentation that I have downloaded so far. It looks like a bit like a micro SD slot but I'm not game to mess with it.

Does anyone have any clues?
Not sure how your 2050 looks, but I have one unit (GO 1535 Live) where the little cover with the TomTom name on it is so well molded, as is the case, that it took me a while to realize the thing could even be separated and opened to expose the card slot!

Problem is, they drop slots all over the place depending up on model. Two of my other units have the slot behind the USB connection such that you'd never see it if you had the cable plugged in, which is how I first missed it on those two. Only my GO 740 had a slot in an obvious spot on the bottom.

As for the look...
Double check the User's Guide index ..
Micro-SD card slot .................................................................................................. 9

Problem is, it's vague and no illustrations!
OK, purchased 4GB card - the largest capacity this model will take - TomTom now merrily formatting it.

Formatting finished and memory card is now showing in the 'Manage Content' screen of My TomTom.
Ooo... bad advice from somewhere. These newer units will take more than 4GB, though that should see you through a full U.S. or European map, and is likely all you'll ever need along with the internal memory. I run 8GB in mine, and they'll take up to 32 that we know about.

FWIW, your "2050 Live" is the "1005 Live" elsewhere around the world, and will have started with 4GB (serial starting with SP) or 8GB (serial starting with ST), and as said, has at least a 32G slot capacity to go along with that. We say "at least" only because I know of no one who has ever tried installing a 64.

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