Go910 computer voices missing

Apr 1, 2009
Ever since I bought my 910 I have never seen any of the computer voices available to choose from. I'm talking about the voices that read street names, which was a huge feature for the 910 when I bought it. I have copied all of the voices back onto the TomTom from the CD but apparently they are not on the CD either.

When trying to download Computer Voices, Live Services, Fuel Prices, Routes, and Map Share from TomTom Home, it says "You cannot use this feature because it is not supported by your device." -Which is really annoying considering I paid $500 for a unit that doesn't work with any of these features.

I bought mine brand new right out of RadioShack

Some help please :confused:
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The TTS voices were supplied on the 910's hard drive when the unit was shipped, connect the device to your PC and use Windows Explorer to view the contents of the drive, locate the folder named "LoquendoTTS" right click this and select Properties from the popup, what size is the folder on the device?
Also check the exact spelling of the folder is it loquendotts or LoquendoTTS - Mike
Hi (thanks for the quick reply),

The name is LoquendoTTS with a size of 10.5KB, size on disk 16.0KB.

Is it possible for me to copy the files into this folder from somebody who has them?
The folder is named correctly but you are missing a huge stack of data from the folder, when new this should have been around 4GB IIRC - you can copy the LoquendoTTS folder from another working 910 to recocer the situation, don't try the files from an x20, x30 or x40 device as they are very different - you can only use files from another 910.
The LoquendoTTS files are not locked to the device so there will be no issue in grabbing a copy, just bear in mind the size of a full folder of TTS files - you will either need a large memory stick or put the files on to a DVD - Mike
I found a source online that hosts the TTS folder and all of the computer voices in seperate folders for the 910. I'll try Dave USA and let you know how it works!
Just be careful the site you found is NOT a warez site that hosts cracked software. You might be in for a whole pile of hurt dl files from there.
Nice one, now fully back up the device using Windows Explorer to the PC - DO NOT USE Home as it had a nasty habit of renaming all the files and folders to lower case rendering the backup of the 910 LoquendoTTS folder useless - Mike

hi mike i have the go910 and my folder is named right like you said the folder is over 4 gig simon and kate are in there in the brithish one but dont show up on my satnav menu only tim and jane thanks
Is the main folder named:




(Note the capital letters as the device uses Linux so upper/ lower case makes a big difference, if its all lower case there is a quick fix using a batch file to rename all the files to what they should be if you need it ;) - Mike

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