GO630 vs others

Sep 12, 2010

I got my GPS stolen, it was A TT 630. I liked a lot and decided to replaced it with exactly the same one. Two days ago I bought another of the same model (it was on sale too). Spoke to the guy at the store and he mentioned that there is a newer one with the traffic option (Gadget - I think), but (since I am in Canada) it does not work that well here vs US. I liked 630 and went for it.

What do you think guys? I am not looking for a bigger screen, but option wise etc. Which TomTom is better then 630?



There are a whole series of NEWER models. That doesn't make them better.

The series of 2X and Via models run on Navcore 10X and require the use of a web based MyTomTom rather than the Home 2 computer application.

The user has no access to the file system on these Nav 10.X models and can't do backups, etc.

See more information here:

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