Go live 950 map problem

Mar 27, 2010
Bought a new tomtom 950 live today, installed home to update it all. Updated maps but my tomtom only sees the USA maps. I can see the map files physically on the devie, but no joy in accessing them when i switch maps. any help greatly appreciated.
If you downloaded new maps (did you make an Explorer backup first? If not, why not.....)

Anyway, if you updated your maps, they should be here:
C:\Documents and Settings\yourname\My Documents\TomTom\HOME\Downloads\complete\maps\

So, use Explorer and see if the contents of your Western_Europe map has a file ending in the extension .meta.dct. If not, the compressed cab file for Western_Europe will contain another activation.cab file within it. Extract (use WinRar) the file in the activation.cab file and use Explorer to copy it to the WE map on your unit. Restart the unit. Should 'detect' both maps now.
Thanks for the tip. Didnt do a backup first - expected tomtom updates to work without problems - wont be fooled by that again !

Tried doing as proposed, extracted and copied the meta.dct file, but still having the same problem. Incidentally, I am also having problem in updating lto latest version of the tomtom software - dont know if that might be related - i get an "invalid archive" error.
Truly bizarre - after the fifth attempt at updating the application software, getting the same "invalid archive" error each time, this time it updated successfully and now i can see both sets of maps ! not going to argue with that - time for a quick backup and leave it well alone !!!!!!
The "invalid archive" gives the impression that your firmware download was corrupted somehow along the way. What kind of connection are you using to the TomTom server? WiFi, hard wired ethernet, ???

While it's never caused me any grief, urban legend has it that a lot of people have run into trouble with the massive downloads required to pull down a new map or firmware over WiFi. Not sure why this would be, but take it for what it's worth.
OK thanks. However, I did all downloads using fixed wired connection to my service provider - with a hefty 20mbytes fibre download connection - so beats me why it took a few attempts to work.
950 nightmare

My 950 wouldn't startup, although it would work from the tomtom app on the pc. I made a backup, then reformatted the device and reinstalled the software from scratch.
I then tried to restore but it comes up with an error about an sd card it doesn't have and now I have no maps !
Any ideas anyone ?
About the only thing you REALLY need as a full and clean backup are your map folders. The rest can be restored in other ways from TomTom. Depending upon the age of your unit and/or map subscriptions, even the maps can be recovered in some cases.

Let's review your backup situation on your computer for a moment. Having the 950, you'll have two map folders -- one for Europe and one for N.A.

Digging down into My Documents > TomTom > HOME > Backups > GO, do you find map folders from your backup attempt with Home?

Further to that, have you ever done a map update for that unit? If so, please look here as well ... My Documents > TomTom > HOME > Downloads > complete > map and see what kinds of map folders you find there.

Let us know what you see.
Thanks for your help, copied the two map directories from the backup directory and we are cooking !
Figured it out anyway, but really grateful for your time and assistance ^^

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