Go Expert Strange behavior

Jun 3, 2024
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GO Expert 4YB70
I have a strange problem with my GO Expert (no plus version). It last since update 23.100.0003. Sometimes when i turn device on its losing everything (maps, favorite places, traffic) turn black for few minutes and keeps restarting and after about an hour it starts working. It happens only on the road (at home works fine) and it doesn't matter whether I'm connected to the Internet or not. Could it be a software fault or hardware?
Is your GPS correctly charged and connected to the cigarette lighter charger?

Normally for GO Expert you must be at version: 24.101.0006
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I think its correctly pluged, im using oryginal charger and cable, tried different charger or cable and 24DC to 12DC but nothing helped, even witchout charging it happens. My current software is 23.100.0003 but it says there is no more update. I tried factory reset, hard factory reset nothing helps.

p.s sorry for my bad English
version: 24.101.0006 from 12.03.24 resolves the problem that can cause black screens so you need to find out why the software version does not offer you.

Do you check for updates via your home's Wi-Fi GPS only connected to a mains charger?
Yes i checked update via home's Wi-Fi with tomtom charger. Are you sure 24.101.0006 is for non plus version? on tomtom website it says Refers to: GO Expert Plus and the latest for non plus is 23.100.0003
On Tomtom support

Navigation software release notes

Release date: 03/12/24
Version: 24.101.0006
This applies to: GO Expert Plus, GO Superior, GO Exclusive

We fixed an issue that could cause black screens.
We fixed an issue with Wi-Fi connectivity.
We have improved Bluetooth stability.
We have improved the map update process.
We've added visual and audible warnings when the battery level is low.
We fixed an issue with the Polish voice Zosia pronouncing route numbers in German.
We have improved general performance and stability.

You can contact Tomtom support and ask them why the version is not offered to you.
I even wrote to support about this topic, but they wanted me to send the device to Romania and I'm afraid it won't come back to me

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