GO 930 and traffic antenna

Jun 28, 2009
Hello gang! I just recently bought GO 930 and USB antenna for it. I am not happy with the way usb charger plugs into antenna dongle and then into USB port on 930. I was wondering if Serial antenna can be used with GO 930? thanks
My understanding is that it can but the usb antenna is supposed to be somewhat better in grabbing the signal.
You can use either of the RDS-TMC devices with the 930, I find the mini USB is slightly better at grabbing a signal, but the round type unit is a better solution as it doesn't lose everything when you turn the ignition off, it can then take ages to re-acquire a signal depending upon where you are.

To get around the reception issues and the fact I decided not have wires all over my car I elected to bury the whole lot and connected the RDS receiver aeial to my car aerial, this offers a neater apperance (no wires) and much better performance in areas of marginal reception - Mike

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