GO 920 won't turn on

Apr 23, 2012
Peterborough, ON,Canada
TomTom Model(s)
I am new to this forum so please forgive me if I violate any protocols. I joined because I have a GO 920 which I purchased in Nov. 2008. Last week just prior to my return to Cnada from Florida my GPS stopped working. I noticed that the car charger light was out so I presumed it had something to do with the fact that the battery was flat. I tried charging it on my laptop for several hours/days to no avail. I replaced the fuse in my car charger but as soon as I plugged the charger in the fuse blew so I presumed there was a short in the charger. I bought a new charger and tried to charge the GPS from the AC adapter but also to no avail. Can anyone plase help me resolve this issue. TIA:confused::confused:

Oh, and I tried to get help from TomTom but when I was asked for the serial number of my device a message came up advising me that TomTom no longer support that device.:mad:
When you say the connecting to the AC charger was 'to no avail', do you mean the light on the unit did not come on?
GO920 won't turn on

Yes, the light on the GPS is/was on (even when I tried to charge it with my computer). I have also tried using the reset button but again to no avail. Thank you for your response.
It's worrying that the original car charger is blowing fuses. I suspect the fault on that may have terminally damaged the TomTom itself (not an unknown occurrence).

If you have any way to check the actual output voltage of the charger (with a test meter), please tell us if it is around 5 Volts DC or if it is 12 Volts..
There were a lot of early chargers which failed and produced 12 Volts which would instantly fry a TomTom beyond economic repair.

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