Go 910 flashing green light but dead !

Nov 14, 2009
Hi as the title says i have a go 910 that is completly dead, once in home dock the green light flashes.
I have checked the battery and it's 3.6v
I searched the forum and found a tt one with the same issue and a helpfull member said it could be stress fracture on the main pcb.
Would this be the same for the 910 as i'm happy to strip it down and have a go ! , just a skin flint really , wanna save some penny's...
I have tried the reset pin still nothing, tried different chargers nothing.
The pc will not pick up the usb, so connecting to it is out.

Any help would be much appretiated,

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Nov 25, 2009
the battery is probably totally dead unless you can charge it with a decent charger to ressurect it.
the boards do have a fault somwhere i ve looked through a big magnifying glass at my board i cant see anything. if you connect a fully charged battery it works fine but it wont charge from the charger. even though the green light is on.
is there some fuse on the board or diode thats blown ??
i dont know for now i have a hybrid 510/910 which works fine 510 board /910 hard drive / 510 screen and 510 maps

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