GO 740: Hide or Delete Previously Traveled Path?

May 2, 2009
So far, I'm liking the TomTom (having come from a Garmin Nuvi 360), but every time I leave the house, I see a "backward" arrow/higlighted route from my last entered destination. No harm done, but it's pretty silly. Can I disable that "feature"? Thanks!
Not totally clear as to what you are referring to but you can delete recent destinations.
Not totally clear as to what you are referring to but you can delete recent destinations.

I probably could have explained it better:

When I first tried the TomTom, I set a destination from work to my Home, just to test it out. It worked just fine. Now, every time I leave the house, as I drive down the street, the road is a darker color than a "normal" road, and there's a big green arrow pointing at my car, as if to say "Hey dummy, turn around". All of the roads from work to my home are highlighted and seem to have small black arrows on them. Strange.
It could simply be that when you are setting out on a route, the TomTom thinks you (well, the car) is facing a direction other than it is, therefore the unit is telling you to turn around to start your travel when you really don't have to.

As far as the markings on the road? Perhaps it's the colour scheme selected for the map. sorry, I'm particularly thick these days so I'm not visualizing what you're seeing.

But........you can do a screen capture and show it here.

Here's how: use Explorer and make a folder in your unit called screen. Lower case, no quotes or anything. Now then, within that folder, make a text file simply called capture, no extension, nothing in the text file.

When you want to 'grab' a screenshot, just press the screen in the top left; you'll hear a 'click' sound like a shutter.

In the screen folder, you'll find a jpeg file with a weird name. That's your shot captured. You can make as many as you want.
The tomtom does not automatically clear your last route. You have to manually do this. Touch the screen and arrow over to the second screen and select clear route.
If the Clear Route icon is missing from your menu go to Change Preferences/ Show ALL menu items this will enable the third page of main menu including the Clear Route option - Mike
Now why "Clear Route" would ever be hidden is beyond me, much less on page 3 of the options.

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