Go 730 Backup File?

Jan 8, 2010
Good day all,
New to the forum but second time around for TomTom owner.
Just bought a go 730 . I backed up the unit. Now I'm wondering where did the backup
file store to.
Also is it possible to edit the backup file to add poi, voices etc,,,
The go 510 I had previous was very easy.




Mar 23, 2009
Blackpool UK
TomTom Model(s)
720, 930, 940, XL, One 3rd
Make a backup using Windows Explorer as this way you specify where all the files and folders get copied to on the PC, also this prevents the back up from being messed up by the Home application (which can and does happen from time to time).
With a Windows Explorer backup safe on the PC (burn a copy to disk as well is a good idea) you can edit the files on the device directly using Windows Explorer adding voices to the "voices" folder directly on the device (the device will show up within Windows Explorer as its own drive letter). Also just add POI files to the device in the same way you used to with the older unit, each POI file comprises of a pair of files:
0v2 the data containing the locations/ phone numbers
bmp which is the icon
Both files for EACH custom POI category are copied to the North_America map folder - Mike

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