Go 6200 Very Slow Update on WiFi; Home and MyDrive installed on PC, "Home" does not connect to the 6200.

Jun 19, 2024
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Three problems.

Updates at home (fast fibre broadband) are VERY slow, the first 75% is fast, then go and make ten coffees and it may be at 80% then it eventually (30 minutes or ten coffees whichever is faster) switches to the actual update (previous part was just the download?) which is done in minutes.

Various TomTom web pages suggest that "MyDrive" should be in the 6200 under Settings? It isn't to be found. Some account info is under Settings "TomTom Account " or WiFi

I have TomTom "Home" and "MyDrive" installed on my PC. MyDrive connects via USB, "Home does not"

I can live with the SLOWWW WiFi update, except in emergencies where speed is of the essence. The other problems are just totally confusing when you read TomTom web page instructions which then can't be used.


Tomtom Home is not compatible with your GPS.
Mydrive connect is compatible but not useful for updates.

GO 6200 is wi-fi so you don't need to connect your GO to your computer to do updates.

For map updates you must connect your GPS to a smartphone mains charger.

I must have missed the error message when using "Home"

Yes I did see that "MyDrive" was just trying to sell you something, my (mistaken ) assumption was that maybe I could get over the hour long wait for an update if I connected direct, just another wasted hour. How many thousand other people have made this mistake?

Yes it does warn about connecting to a power source which I do every time, in fact I think it does not work otherwise.

SLOWWWW updates seem to be a problem since I had my 520 (which amazingly asked you if you wanted a motorway route or not after you had chosen a route which is where it should be. Not like the 6200 which involves getting into "Settings" to choose a "default" . This sounds petty, but on a unlit motorway, in winter in the dark and rain, hitting a massive traffic jam the easier an alternative route can be configured the better. OK rant over :)

Have a good day...
Les mises à jour SLOWWWW semblent être un problème depuis que j'ai eu mon 520 (qui vous a étonnamment demandé si vous vouliez un itinéraire autoroutier ou non après avoir choisi un itinéraire qui est là où il devrait être. Contrairement au 6200 qui implique d'entrer dans "Paramètres" choisir un "par défaut" Cela semble mesquin, mais sur une autoroute non éclairée, en hiver, dans l'obscurité et sous la pluie, plus un itinéraire alternatif peut être configuré facilement, mieux c'est. :)
À mon avis, dans Paramètres, Planification d'itinéraire, vous devez avoir coché la mauvaise case.


Everything in "Information and privacy" is ON.

Use my location.... On
Keep route history. On
Help us improve... On

The journey in question was a one-off and so a history of my various use of the 6200 was unlikely to help

Of the three options ....

Always take the fastest route .... Off
Ask me so I can choose ..... On
Don't ask me .................... Off

and selections below that

Fastest route... On
Shortest route .... Off

I now pick a route/destination I have never been to before with this sat-nav.

No questions (asked / suggested) as to the type of route!


It will only ask you if there is an even faster route than the one you initially chose.
As Willy has suggested, these options

Always take the fastest route .... Off
Ask me so I can choose ..... On
Don't ask me .................... Off

are so that you can configure the device behavior IF it finds a faster route than the one currently planned.

If you select the first option, the device will automatically change the route to the faster one.
If you select the second option, the device will ask if you want to take the faster route after putting up the green indicator so you can see the new route.
If you select the last option, the device won't deviate from the currently planned route even if a quicker one is found due to traffic changes.
Yes thanks, taken as read; but when you are on a motorway as I was in the dark, in the rain etc. all I wanted was to get off out of the traffic jam and take a route that avoided motorways. Left to its own devices it could route me back onto a motorway at some stage, I needed this to be my decision.

There is also an essential decision as to how the 520 and the 6200 go about the route taken.

In the 6200 it is an option decided up in the settings, i.e. more work or impossible depending on where you were at the time, go into settings to choose the option THEN chose the destination, to change the options you have to go back into settings and then choose your route.

On the 520 you were simply asked the question AFTER choosing the destination so you could say yes or no to a motorway route at that time.

The 520 approach is by far the better option simpler, more effective and much easier to do when you are on the road than the 6200 approach , other may disagree.

The fact that at some stage during the journey another route (to which you had not choice when the alternative was suggested to pick motorway or not) was suggested is not helpful it getting one home.



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