GO 530 Circuit Board Damaged

May 24, 2014
TomTom Model(s)
My Green Charging Light was flickering when the cable moved. A friend of mine is a bit of a electronics hobbyist and said he could replace the mini USB Connector.
Bad idea, he damaged the Circuit Board trying to remove it.
Does anybody have a replacement Board or know where I can one.
Apologies if there are previous posts on the subject.
Hi dhn
Been on eBay UK for the last 2 hours. I saw a couple of 530's with faults but I don't want to chance buying them.
Understand that you can just as easily stuff a 730 board in there if you wish.

Just remember potential gotchas when swapping boards -- the serial number may be linked to a known account for Home, and you'll likely want to know the email and password that matches the board's serial number for update purposes (Mapshare, QuickFix, etc).
Thanks for the useful info Canderson. I did wonder whether a 730 board would fit and did a search for that as well.
I didn't consider the implications of the Update. Thanks again, but it might be insignificant if I can't find one.

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