GO 510 won't remember Planning Preferences

Apr 21, 2007
Oklahoma City, OK, USA
TomTom Model(s)
TomTom GO 510
My TomTom GO 510 won't remember the Planning Preference I select. Example...I tell it to "Always plan fastest routes." I press "Done." And then, when I plan a route, the first thing it does is ask me, "What type of route should be planned?" and gives me the six possible choices--fastest, shortest, avoid freeways, walking, bicycle, or limited speed!


Is this some kind of "bug?" If I tell it to "Always plan fastest routes," then why does it constantly ask me, "What type of route should be planned?" Something's goofy... Thanks, and Merry Christmas. :)
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Try this.......

Download and run the Clear Flash tool from here: tomtom.com/6211

Run it 3 times. See if that helps.

(and Merry Christmas to you as well!)
dhn, a very big THANK YOU! It worked, and the 510 now remembers my Planning Preferences. Any idea what causes that error, and whether or not it will become a recurring problem? Should I have to keep the tool in a handy place, because it might crop up again?

Congrats to your Olympic hockey team, btw. I'm sorry it took so long for me to reply (I should have checked out your solution right after you posted it; but I wasn't notified there was a response for some reason.) Thanks for the Merry Christmas, and a belated Happy New Year to you.

(Now, all I need is for TomTom and Tele Atlas to update my map FOR FREE... :mad:)

Sometimes the flash memory in an area not reachable by ordinary means gets, for lack of a better term, a 'brain fart' (can I say that? I guess so...I'm a moderator ;) ).

The Clear Flash tool sometimes helps in that situation.


Any idea what causes that error, and whether or not it will become a recurring problem?
If any part of what is written into the config area of flash memory appears to be corrupted as the unit powers up and tries to read it (I'd guess that they check both contextually and using a checksum of that memory area to be certain), the device will drop back to factory defaults. How and why corrupt information winds up there to begin with has been a subject of conjecture around here for a while. The write of the configuration info happens at power down.

All I've ever been able to come up with is this: should a unit have a really dead battery, pulling the external power with the unit powered up could be a problem after any kind of change that would cause the write to occur. And I'm not even sure that would be an issue. Hard to say. Fortunately, TT has kept that flash tool available for use by the end user, and it works much of the time to resolve goofy stuff like this.


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