Go 300 using 'Go' card

Jan 19, 2010
Hi, 1st post from an old tomtom user (not me - the unit).

Bought my Go the week they came out, back in July 2004 (I think). Its worked a treat ever since as I have looked after it very well.

Until a month or so ago, when It packed up at the most remote part of my journey, 200 miles from home (I had to sniff my way home, as stupidly don't carry a map anymore!)

It was unfixable, as all it would do was to make a continuous tone when you turned it on.

So, as I had purchased new maps recently for the Go range, I bought a replacement on Ebay, which works just fine.

Trying to be clever, I bought the 300, as it would give me full postcodes, which the original Go never did.

As the maps in the 300 were well out of date, I had a brainwave and decided to try my original Go card in the new unit.

I expected the software in the card to detect it was a 300, and give me my 'old' setup (ie routes, favourites etc) but allowing me to access the postcode capability, as well as the traffic updates and stuff, as these were greyed out on my original GO, but it implied that the software had the capability, which was suppressed because of the model.

What actually happened was that the 300 turned into a standard GO (almost), although on the splash screen it says its a 300 model, and in the software version screen, it also reports its a 300.

The bluetooth and traffic capabilities are all shown and are available, but I can still only access the first 4 digits of the postcode.

I can't connect to TomTom home with my original GO card inserted or the GO 300 card inserted, so I can't update the maps on either.

Make sense? felt like I've waffled a bit !

Any help appreciated.


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If there is a solution to your problem, UK based supermod, mikealder, will provide it. Look for him to respond to this thread within the next 24 hours.

And welcome to TTF!
Download This file and unzip it straight to the device, it should create a folder called "zip" on the device with four files in it, you will then have the very latest postcode files available from TomTom for the UK - Mike
Thanks for that Guys - speedy or what.

What I'm in the process of doing is removing the Home (2) from my system.

I have installed the version of home that came with my maps - surprise surprise, connects to my Go 300 no probs.

I assume removing and re-installing my maps will copy the postcode data over for the 300 instead of the GO.

Before, I go down that route (no pun intended), I will try Mikes postcode files.

Thanks again,

and goodnight (depending on where you are - Mike should be in bed soon!)

Mike, should that 'zip' folder be in the root, or in the map folder.

The zip contains 4 files, 2 for Great Britain, and 2 for the netherlands...




I put all 4 of those files in the root of the tomtom.

I still only get the option to type the first 4 post code digits.

Do you think its worth re-installing the GB map, or is the post code data not stored within it?




Err - no.

That's why I asked where they went. Crossed wires !

I'll try that now.


It worked chaps - thanks !

Looked back at my previous posts and I was a bit ambiguous as to the location of the files. When I meant 'where to put the folder' I meant its
contents - my mistake.

Thanks a million !
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