FS: Eclipse AVN2210p (red backlight)

Oct 29, 2007
TomTom Model(s)
TomTom Eclipse
I am looking to recoup some of the money I blew on my AVN2210p. I'll be honest, I just don't like it... the TomTom part really. Just a matter of personal preference.

It's been updated to the latest software and is in perfect working condition. I have all the original packaging and manuals as well as the travel kit that was a $70 add on when I bought this thing a year ago.

It's a double-DIN sized in-dash, so check that it will fit your car. I had it installed in my Jetta for about 8 months before I decided to get a Garmin and move on (I know, I'm sorry I have gone to the dark side).

Here is the amazon link so you can read about the product and see what it's selling for new: http://www.amazon.com/Eclipse-AVN2210p-CD-receiver/dp/B000RL3V8U/

Ebay has them going in the $325+ range and I really want to get rid of this thing so I am looking for $200 including shipping. PayPal or local (central PA) only.

Here are some pics of when it was installed in my car:



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