Free Map Updating Question, Please ?

Jul 11, 2011

Have a XXL unit.

It, supposedly, came with a Lifetime of free map updates.

I went to TomTom Home, and did the updates, but there was also a notice that "new versions of your maps are available". But clicking on the link it wants $$ to do it.

How, please do I get it to update, fully, all the new map version(s) for free ?

Their site is a bit confusing for me.
Am in my 70's now, so will blame it on old age.

Any (very detailed) help would be much appreciated.

You must provide the activation code that should have been in the box of materials (on a card saying DO NOT DISCARD).

Call customer support tomorrow at 866-486-6866 and they can activate the lifetime maps function at their end for your unit.
Me to

I bought an Eastern Europe map online in early 2010, it was supposed to have 6 free updates in 18 months. Well that never happened.

I only got one free update when we were there in July - Oct 2010. When I did download it the machine jammed up, wouldn't work.

Tomtom One XL, can't remember how I got it going again but I think I loaded in the original map. Either I did something wrong or, well I don't know. I got a second free update just recently.

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