First impressions (After a few 2 hour long trips)

Aug 21, 2009
I've owned one other Iphone gps program (GMAP USA). So my frame of reference will be to that app from the appstore.

First impressions.

What I Like:
1. POI database is GREAT.
2. Setting a destination is extremely easy and the UI is well layed out.
3. Locks in a signal very quickly
4. Rerouting is very fast.

What I don't like:

1. I couldn't figure out any purpose to advanced planning. It almost seems like an incomplete feature set. I've read other forums as well and others are having the same question as to what this feature is supposed to really do.

2. No lane assistance, every other GPS app on the appstore has this, why not Tomtom?

3. My worst gripe is that on highways, it never tells me what exit to take, it just tells me what road I will get onto when I get off the exit. This almost makes the app unusable as i constantly have to look out for the offramp info instead of just counting up or down to the exit. Am I doing something wrong? Any reason why exit # isn't appearing on the top line where I assume it would? GMAP did this no problem, I have no idea why TomTom wouldn't. My wife can't even use the app unfortunately because of this. So she is sticking w/ her Garmin :(

4. I wish I could control the voice output in the app, I use an isimple car kit which also charges, so all audio goes through that, but when I listen to satellite radio, I want the iphone speaker to be the output so I can hear the turn by turn, currently can't do that. GMAP can't either. But it is possible as I think navigon can do this.

5. Auto night mode. Not sure if it has this, but didn't flip for me when it should have.
Issues found:
Integration w/ contact addresses is buggy, some contacts work, some crash the app. I did find a few workaround (posted in another thread here) but definitely needs to be fixed.

All in all its a good app, but for 99$ the most expensive app on the appstore, it is missing some features that even the 35$ GMAP USA has. (e.g. Lane Assist) I sure hope tomtom puts an update out address some of these shortcomings. Again for 99$ I must say I expected a bit more. If any of my review is due to user error, please let me know:)


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