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Oct 21, 2012
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I have an old Tomtom One (not XL) and updated with the last firmware I think a year ago with maybe a wrong edition. Unfortunately the display fonts are very large and doesn't fit completely on the screen. The bottomline is not shown. Is there anyone who knows how I can restore an old firmware version or have any ideas how to repair this update?
This is shown as firmware: GPSFirmwareVersion= GSW3.2.4TT_3.1.00.12-C35B1.02


I have an One 2nd edtion. But now where to get the right software?
My TT Home 2.9 pc-software says I have a TT One new editon. I think that is not correct is it?
TT One installed with a new version as you told. At startup it says no cards installed. But connected to TT Home says the card is on the system. What else do I have to copy to the TT unit?
It is possible that the application was installed on internal. Do you have a sd card on your unit?


Try resetting the unit by holding the power button about 15 seconds till you hear the drum sounds unless your model has a dedicated reset hole.

Do this with the card installed.

All this assumes you have **all** the required application files on the card.
It is possible that the application was installed on internal.
If it really is a ONE 2nd Ed., there may be no internal memory, unless, of course, it's a ONE Limited (also shows as ONE 2nd) in which case it has 1GB internal, or the 512K regional version in Europe. I always prefer to get the first two digits of the serial number so that I also know which memory model is involved (regional units have less memory, etc.).

To the OP. Please identify first two characters of the serial number. Should be one of the following:

Z1, Z2, Z3 E1, E2

If it's the Z1 or Z2 model, then it does have internal memory in addition to the SD card slot, and we'll have to be certain that the system files are only showing up in either internal or the card.
E1, E2 and Z3 had no internal memory.
When the application is on the sd card, then the unit boots from the card. So, any map must also be on the sd card. That way, the unit 'sees' it.


The ONE models can only see one location at a time, the internal memory (if any) will be invisible if an SD card is inserted.

Can you check the size and format of the SD card? The ONE cannot see SDHC, meaning the card must be 2GB or smaller. Also, the ONE can only read fat or fat32.

Once you've confirmed the card is fat/fat32, and is 2GB or less, follow the steps in the link below. It should clean up your application and make the device work again.
The ONE cannot see SDHC, meaning the card must be 2GB or smaller.

I know we have constant battles over this, but there ARE non-HD 4GB SD cards out there.

I know they are not fully standards compliant, but I also know they have worked fine in several older TomToms that have passed through my hands (I think the oldest was a Go300)
The card is running now. The solution was to remove the profile configuration file, stored in the roaming folder %appdata%\tomtom
Still have troubles with the large fonts in the bottom display
Any chance of a screen grab of this font size problem?

To make a screen grab, there are some instructions here.
Here is a picture of the screen. The direction arrow is not shown clearly. Also at the left, the degrees are shown, but I can't hide that in the preferences.


  • DSCN6620 (Small).JPG
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Thanks for the picture, that's a BIG help.

Well, if it's the correct software version on the SD card, then that certainly *is* a bug!
Looking at the picture, I'm guessing that it is trying to run the screen from a widescreen model and cannot fit it on so has squashed the centre panel of the status bar.

However, looking back over the various posts, I don't think we've ascertained exactly what software version you're currently running OR where it came from! (the "Firmware" number you gave in the first post is not the same thing).
So I suspect that you've somehow ended up with a version meant for another model. Does that ring any bells? Can you give any more details?

To find the software version, follow these instructions:
How to find the version numbers of your maps and software.

I suspect that just following these instructions:
Old style Tomtom Acting Up? - Part 2 - How To reinstall *fresh* Software using Home
will get you sorted out, but it would be interesting to know what you've got on there at the moment before you try that.
I think you're maybe right that the map is for a widescreen model.
Here is the version info
Tomtom ONE
Appl. 9.026.483454.1
Map Western_and_Central_Europe_2GB_845_2645

I think it's more likely the Navcore software that's wrong rather then the map... and by my reckoning, the proper latest software for a ONE 2nd Edition (a.k.a. "New Edition") is right back to v7.903.

So have you been having a bit of a play, to see if you could get some updated features?

If you want to get back to "normal" I would make a new backup (unsing Windows Explorer) and then follow my link above to reinstall the correct software via Home.


I succeeded to downgrade the software, but then TT tells there's no card available. At that point I don't know what I can do. So I copied the backup but then the story begins at the start again. Hopeless...:mad:

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