Finding my POI folders on my Go Discover

Feb 25, 2023
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I have a few OV2 files and folders on my PC.
I have selected them, from My Places, and loaded them on my old Go 600 successfully.

I was able to do the same with my new Go Discover, but I can’t find them on the Go Discover.

I went back to My Places and deleted all of those POI ov2 files and folders, disconnected the Go Discover, Jungle Durm beater it, reconnected the Discover to the PC and verified that they were gone from My Places’ POI tab.

So I’m back to square one and moved my POI ov2 from my PC to my Discover’s My Places.

After I disconnected the Discover, I can’t find my POIs.

Where are they on the Discover?

FYI…I was “synced”.
I am sorry to report that the Discover/Expert/Exclusive line, the most recent of TomTom's releases, STILL does not support custom POI files (*.ov2) in any fashion whatsoever.

Trust me when I say that they hear, or should I say, get an earfull, from me at least once a month about this issue. For now, we are stuck with using individual "My Places" "Favorites" entries.

You've hit upon the reason that I still use my old GO 620 far more frequently than the newer Discover device.
Thank you.
I thought that I needed to turn off my Discover’s wi fi , so that the Discover could (hardwire) connect to the PC.
We had 2 Go600 devices and one stopped working, so instead of buying a $30 - $99 used replacement, from ebay, bought the Go Discover.
I’ll work with the voice control, which I never used on the 600, and see if I can figure out a work around.
I’ve got a tablet, with hundreds of Longitude & Latitude coordinates written down that are my POIs.
On your Go620, can you select a POI and have that POI’s coordinates displayed?
If so you could enter the coordinates in to your Discover, save it to My Places and start its title/name with a code word, for the old poi’s folder name, followed by the individual location name.
Salem Lunch Meeting Place
Salem Train Crossing
Salem Barbershop
Salem Ditch Machine

When I’m searching, I hope that all of these “Salem” locations appear in sequence, for me to scroll through.
I keep all of my POI data using a tool called GSAK. It allows me to directly export waypoints with name/coordinates to an *.ov2 file.

The only potential for displaying the coordinates of anything on a TomTom device is to display the current position coordinates. It's not possible to retrieve coordinate data for any POI or favorite from any Nav4 device. Back 'in the day', you could go to and see what was on the device, but now that's not even possible.

Honestly, it's a right pain at the moment to work from coordinates with a Discover device. The only real option is to use the MyDrive web system, and copy/paste coordinate information, and provide smart names for each entry.

The online planner works best when entering the data in dd.ddddd format (decimal degrees). Hit enter after entering the coordinates vs. selecting one of the addresses unless one of the addresses that is displayed is actually what you want.

The first screen shot shows what happens if you try to use the decimal minutes (dd mm.mmm) format with N and W. You may get a ton of results, and cannot just hit enter for the exact coordinates. The second screen shot shows that only the closest address is shown, and allows you to hit enter for the precise coordinates you have entered. Just a weirdness of their system. In my examples below, in the 2nd screen shot, you can see that my coordinates aren't actually at a house or any other address, but rather, is on the edge of a golf course near 2074 Astoria Ln. In the first example, the system was trying to force me to pick an address out of a mess of them, and there aren't even any houses there.

And FORGET trying to use decimal minutes with +/- signs. 40 11.760 -105 04.872 is perfectly valid, but check the results in the 3rd screen shot. This tool has really POOR parsing ability. I've beat TomTom up about that a few times as well. The online planner should have the same capability for coordinate entry as the devices themselves.

Using decimal minutes with N/W - not great:

Using decimal degrees - works well:

Using decimal minutes with signs - total train wreck:
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Again, regarding coordinate entry ...

Here's the summary I sent to TomTom regarding the newer "TTM" site ( ). They manage just ONE of the six commonly used formats:

Decimal minutes
N40 00.000, W105 00.000 = NO GOOD
40 00.000, -105 00.000 = NO GOOD

Decimal degrees
40.00000, -105.00000 = OK
N40.00000, W105.00000 = NO GOOD

40 00’ 00”, -105 00’ 00” = NO GOOD
N40 00’ 00”, W105 00’ 00” = NO GOOD
Your response has saved me lots of time, thank you.
Two other questions:
1. Is there a way to make the current time show up on the display, on my Go Discover?
I can see the arrival time, but not the current time and when traveling on a 9 hour trip, the current time would be nice.

2. Back in my Go 740 days, I could choose an icon to represent my car. Later with my Go 600 I was stuck with a triangle. Once I arrived at my destination, I could touch the triangle and save the location and later name it and add it to My Places. This isn’t working on my Go Discover.
Is there a way to add my current location to My Places, on the Go Discover?

Thank you, again.
1. No. This feature has been requested many times before, but no action as of yet.
2. a. No way to chose a unique icon for your vehicle location.
2. b. Yes, you can add any location, including your current location, to My Places by touching the screen in the desired spot, then hitting the 'four dots in the circle' to bring up options as to what you wish to do with/about that location, including adding it to My Places.
I could not get your 2b. instructions to work. When I was in a parking lot and touched the current location triangle icon I got a pop up saying unknown location, with no options.
When I was parked in front of my house, I touched the current location icon triangle and got a pop up displaying my address, but no options to save it or add it to My Places. There was no "four dots in a circle" to hit.

I was able to find a destination by long - lat, I don't want to build a My Places catalogue, because this Go Discover isn't giving me what I expect.
I have a number of different versions of the Discover, and they each act the same way.

I pick a location on the map, and hold my finger on it until the address, if there is one, pops up. In this case, the location turned out to be 709 Independence Dr.

To the right of this is a circle with 4 dots, and to the right of that, the steering wheel / Drive button.


Touching the 4 dots, you get this


Add to My Places is one of the options.

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