Extracting an address from TomTom

Feb 12, 2011
hi everyone, new to this forum. I have a TomTom XXL which i recently purchased and was wondering is it possible to extract an address that you have saved in your favourite. If so how would i do it?



Welcome to TTF.

Yeah, that's a problem with Favourites, namely, renaming them and, as a consequence, losing the address.

Here is a somewhat convoluted method that should work:

The favourites are saved in the mapsettings.cfg file stored in your specific map folder.


Download POI Edit from here:
PoiEdit - Main

Open the mapsettings.cfg file within POI Edit.

Every item stored in the .cfg file will appear in a list in the right pane along with the lat/long. In the left pane, a map will show with its location.

When you see your favourite on the map, if your model has the facility, then navigate to-->lat/long, and put in the values from POI Edit's screen. See where it takes you.

Told you it was convoluted. :eek:

Hopefully, someone will come along with an easier method.

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