EST XL330S Won't Connect For Update - Can't Log In

Aug 8, 2010
Hello - Haven't been here in a while - I have version 2.9 using an EST XL330S

Didn't accept old password - so I re-registered under a different email address, but the device is not being recognized - I get the 'Windows 7 Driver Not Recognized Error'.

Can't connect - can't do anythting ....

Error incident IDs =
* Computer info:

Operating system: Windows NT 6.1 (build 7601, Service Pack 1)
Free memory: -1 bytes
User home directory: "C:\Users\Michael\Documents\"
Home volume space: 797693 / 953766 MB
Temporary directory: "C:\Users\Michael\AppData\Local\Temp\"
Temp volume space: 797693 / 953766 MB
Install directory: "C:\Program Files (x86)\TomTom HOME 2\xulrunner\"
Install volume space: 797693 / 953766 MB
External volume devices
OS login name: "USER ID"
Host name: "Michael-PC"
Date and time: 2014-06-05 02:08:28

* HOME info:

DLL Version:
MapShare DLL Version:
Language: en-US

* Connected device: none

* Connection Status:
Test1: Request Code of 200, (Success)
Test2: Request Code of 200, (Success)
Test3: Request Code of 200, (Success)
Test4: Request Code of 200, (Success)
Test5: Request Status of for Byte Range: 206, (Success)

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Your TomTom 330 looks like an external storage device to your PC, just like a thumb drive or other similar device. The driver necessary to see the content of your device should already come resident on your PC. When you connect your unit to your PC, can you see all of its contents with Explorer as you would any other external drive? If so, that's at least a start.
I'm also curious -- what does "EST" mean?
As I tried to explain, the problem seemed to be with the DRIVER, not the Device. I un-installed the driver and application. Re-installed both and that took care of the problem. The Tom Tom is the XL330S, (sorry for the confusion). I was able to install over an hour of U.S. updates successfully - thank you. My Tom Tom is rather old, but still going strong. Any major disadvantages in continuing to use this older device?
At least for a Windows machine or a Mac, there is no special "driver" for a TomTom. They look like any other external storage device (like a thumb drive, called USB class Mass Storage Device). Sounds like the only problem was the TomTom Home application itself. Not our favorite program around here! Glad you got it sorted.
My Tom Tom XL330S is rather old, but still going strong. Any major disadvantages in continuing to use this older device?
None at all providing it has the features that you need in a GPS. Depending upon why you like your 330, you may well find that 'current' models are missing those features!

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