Duplicates on downloaded POI

Feb 6, 2008
Hi, I am a new TomTom 920T user. So what I really want to do is for my POI to show when I am driving; just my preference to see a McDonalds logo when I am driving. The only way that I can make this happen is when I download a POI from this site it automatically goes into my POI categories but then it creates a problem. When I search a POI for ex: McDonalds it gives duplicates, meaning that TomTom also has those addresses and logos but how can I make their logos appear all the time? Please anyone that know how to do this please let me know, I have tried almost all setups and nothing. I ended up erasing the file I downloaded from here and kept the original TomTom but they don't show up everytime I drive how can I make them appear!



Welcome to the forum. I understand your concern about getting duplicate alerts when using custom created POI's but I do not know if there is an editing solution so that you can use both categories with duplicates being erased. When I use a custim POI file I turn off the TT version since the custom normally has more information. Maybe someone else will have a theory.

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