Driving directions

Mar 30, 2012
SE Iowa
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TomTom Model(s)
Start 55M, Rider 4GD00
My trusty TomTom Start 55M is dead. I need to replace it.
I want to continue getting all of my driving directions from "Beavis and Butthead" which I installed on my Start model. I know it's stupid, but that's what I'm used to hearing.
I was going to upgrade to a TomTom GO 60S but as far as I can tell the "Beavis and Butthead" voices and many other voices are not available for the GO 60S model.
Any ideas??? Is there a way to add "Beavis and Butthead' to he GO 60S model or is there another model I should look at?
I killed it trying to do an update on my computer. I tried loading the updates out of order and corrupted my machine.
At first when you turned it on it would go to the legal screen and ask if you Agree, but would not recognize you clicking it no matter how hard I clicked.
Trying to fix it, I managed to corrupt it further.
Now when you turn it on, the Logo will appear for a while and then disappear, then reappear and so on.
I have only slight knowledge of how to operate all this high tech stuff. If I keep going after it, it might blow up like all those cell phones are blowing up.
The next question the others will ask, did you ever make a complete back up of your device to your computer and do you still have that folder?
Again those are advanced techniques I have no knowledge of. I remember when you update it will say it is copying or something like that, but those things are way over my head.
You said there would be a back up file on MY computer. Where would I look for it, and how can I tell what it is if I was looking right at it?
And if I did find it, then what?
If you never made a completed backup yourself (not by HOME during updating) then *I* cannot help you.
If you had, there was a good chance to revive it.
What about dhn's question about your battery.
If you switch it on without a cable connected, for how long will the screen be lit?

If you answer, maybe one of the others can, after they had a chance to read your post.
The battery is fine. That I replaced myself. Mechanical things I can do. it's the virtual stuff that confounds me.

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