Download map for someone with SLOW Internet?

Nov 2, 2009
Is there a way that I can download a map for a relative with a very slow Internet connection?

ok - that makes sense... the only thing is that by then, they'll be past their 30 days since purchase...
I guess I'll need to contact TomTom about that... It would be easier if I could somehow bring the map file to them... I see that there is a map file and a security file... it would be nice if I could bring the map file and have their TomTom Home authorize the map...
I don't think you can do that
Map downloaded from Home are device specific.
So you cannot just bring the map downloaded for your device to theirs
What you should do, is that give TomTom a call, and tell them the situation
Then, ask them (TT) if they can authorize the download for their account
So when your relative comes over to your house, you can just download it using their account
(I am not sure if this will work so it is always good to give TomTom a call)

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