Does the More POI displayed slow down rendering?

Dec 27, 2007
I haven't been able to test this in depth but I'm wondering if I enable a lot of POI's to display on the map, then the animation (drawing) of the screen slow down (less FPS :) ) I notcied this on Navigator 6 for my XV6700, but does that happen here? Also the POI's that are enabled don't have to be in the vicinity of the current map location being displayed.
Any ideas?
No, I haven't noticed slower performance, but then again, I have not driven through areas that are densely populated by POIs. This is just subjective. I can't offer any quantitative proof.
There have been other postings of people complaining of a lag in the TomTom display as they drove. It was discovered that they had a large number of POIs displayed. By turning them off, performance went back to normal.
I have tons turned on. Sometimes I've seen my screen where you can hardly see the road there are so many. I haven't noticed any significant slowdowns.

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