does my TT 910 have to be connected to computer when I buy maps?

Jan 12, 2010
the reason I ask is the home dock I got with my TT the USB does not work ;-( I really want to do a bunch of htings including new maps since they are on sale, but I see that the sale is only til feb 1 and I don't know if my new mount will be here by then, so is it possible to buy them now and then add them when my mount comes
Since buying a map is a 2 part process, downloading AND installing, Home expects your unit to be connected when you make the purchase.

Call support at 866-486-6866 and explain the situation. Tell them you'd like to make the purchase but not download until you have a new dock so can they add the newly purchased map to your account?
Just an update on the whole maps thing, NO YOU DON"T have to have your tomtom connected to comptuer to buy maps, I did it, the maps stay on your account for a year so you dl at anytime I guess LOL

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