Device GO750 New map possible issue

Feb 25, 2009
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Hi Folks

There is a small chance that someone with a 750 live, may experiance an issue with not enough memory with version 8.45 Europe map. Please follow the process below. I must stress that you back up all your device by following these instructions.

STEP 1 - Making a Backup of your current map
- Connect your TomTom Go 750 to the computer and turn it on
- Open TomTom HOME 2
- On the 2nd page of TomTom HOME, click on "Manage My GO"
- Make sure you tick the box on right hand side next to maps, and then on "Remove items from device"
- Click on "Ok" in the next box that appears, and then press on the "Copy" button in the bottom right hand corner.

STEP 2 - Removing Items from device
- Go back into the "Manage My Go" option
- Tick every option in here e.g. Applications, Voices, and the map (but only if you have backed up the map in STEP 1)
- Click on "Remove Items from device", then on the "Ok" button, and finally the "Don't Copy" button in the bottom left hand corner.

STEP 3 - Downloading the map
- Once completed, if you are not already logged in, log into your TomTom account by pressing on File -> Login
- Click on the "Update My Go" button
- You should see a map available for download, make sure this is the only option ticked, and click on "Get it Now".

STEP 4 - Deleting the Cspeech files

On a PC:-
- When the map has completed downloading, press on the start menu of your computer -> Computer/My Computer and then double left click on the TomTom drive.

- In here should be a folder named Europe 2GB -> please double left click into it.

On a Mac:-

- When the map has completed downloading, click on the TomTom drive icon on your desktop
- In here should be a folder named Europe 2GB -> please click into it
-Once inside, you should be able to find a multitude of files named cspeech_XXX.dat (XXX being the country code)
- Please select all cspeech files except cspeech_GBR.dat and remove them.

STEP 5 - Updating the Go 750

- Now bring up the Home software again, and in the main menu click on "Update My Go"
- A list of updates should appear.
- If there is a TomTom application (with the green puzzle piece icon), please ensure it is ticked and also tick only 1 voice, and all other updates.
- Click on "Update and Install"
- Once complete click on "Done" and your device should reboot itself
- Once it connects again it will look for more updates
- When you have a new list of updates please click on "Back"
- Disconnect the device by clicking on the Blue Eject button in the bottom right

It looks a long process, and it is a little time consuming, but this will allow you to install the most recent map..PLEASE only do this is when installing the map for the first time it says not enough memory.




Oct 1, 2007
Toronto Canada
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Thanks for the information, Vorlon.

While the 750 LIVE is not available in North America, we DO have quite a few UK and other European members for which your post may prove most helpful.

I will link this thread to a UK based forum I frequent.
Mar 23, 2009
Blackpool UK
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Just to add for step 1 I would suggest Windows Explorer for a backup as Home isn't capable of storing more than a single backup (something that needs to be addressed as multiple backups should be possible).

Its far faster to extract the map download to a folder on the PC, unzip the activation code to the same folder and then delete the old map from the device before copying the new unzipped map to the PND.

Finally the 750 and 550 should have left the factory with 4GB of Flash memory fitted, I hope the next range of devices has at least this (or more fitted) - Mike


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