Defining your internal and Sd Card with icons

Mar 16, 2008
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For those that might be interested in defining your internal and SD cards with different icons when you are in My Computer with windows explorer.

This is what I did.
I first made an Sd card icon (and named it SdCard no spaces ) and then copied it to my Sd card.

I made a copy of the autorun file from my internal memory to the Sd card
(Just copy & past)

I opened the auto run file with note pad and made the necessary changes

action=Run TomTom HOME
label=TomTom Go 920 Internal (in my case I changed this line to label = Sd 8Gb Card)
icon=tomtom.ico ( I changed this line to icon=Sdcard )
#This section is empty; autorun will not install device drivers to your PC.

Download my SD Card Icon here;

This is the end result

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