Data use with realtime traffic

Apr 21, 2016
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I intend to buy a GPS with real time traffic. It may seem a stupid question, but many MB data/hour does it consumes. Is roaming gratis with TomTom GPS gratis in Europe?

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The GO 5000/6000 series have a second SIM card and supply traffic without a mobile phone data plan.
The other Live devices do use the data from your cell phone.
I do not know about European providers but if you now have to pay roaming charges it will be the same if you use it for the Live traffic updates on your GPS.
Thank you for reply.
I'm thinking about Go 5100 World LMT which has a SIM card in it.
I don't want to use my phone (HTC ONE) as a connection to the internet. So I think that the GPS it self can receive data. I also have read that roaming with the GPS is gratis in Europe (?).
I also would like to know how many Mb data does realtime traffic uses per hour (+/-)
It depends upon the density of the traffic within a large radius of your area. If you're near a major city with lots of jams, then there will be a lot more to transmit.

Here, my typical use is at its most intense about 10MB in an 8 hour day. However, with the 5100, you won't worry or care about it.

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