Data connection between GO510 & LG cell phone

Dec 19, 2007
Please Help!!! :confused:

I am attempting to establish a data connection between my TomTom GO510 and my Verizon Wireless LG VX8300 cell phone. I have spoken with Verizon Wireless and TomTom several times with no luck. I've researched this online and have read many of your comments and share the pain of attempting this.

I know there has to be someone out there that is an expert with this stuff. Either to give me the correct information to make this connection or confirm that it's never going to happen. Please Help!

Thanks for your time.


You might be SOL. That particular phone is made(by LG) with 3 bluetooth profiles: for Hands-free, DUN(dial-up networking), and Bluetooth object transfer (OBEX) profiles. Those last two are very important.

DUN(dial-up networking) is basically using your phone as a modem to dial into verizon's data network. Ideally, your TT would use your 8300 to dial into verizons data network via bluetooth and retrieve weather and traffic info.

Check Verizon's website and you will see that OBEX is disabled (by Verizon) on that phone. You'll see that verizon list under features :

"Connect with Bluetooth (using certain profiles)"

In otherwords, they've disabled features on your phone in order to ensure that you pay to use their shitty services, or limit access to device features to steer you into pricing categories, i.e phone or pda. You want data, buy a pda says Verizon.

Where there's a will however, there is a way.

Check HERE to enable DUN (dial-up networking).
For more cool shit to do with your phone check HERE and
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