Customer Service & Warranty Problems

Apr 12, 2008
This long time TomTom customer has reached the breaking point. I have owned at leaset 6 TomToms (some given as gifts), and this one is the last. I have never seen such irresponsible and uncaring customer service. I purchased a Rider 2 last year for a long trip. First unit was defective, Amazon replaced it promptly. Getting the bike ready for the spring, I noticed the mount was cracked. Called CS, was told the product was no longer made, but they would find a part. No response, placed follow up call and after being on hold for an extended period, was told part was found and being shipped that day. Nine days go by, no part. Called 5/13 and was told product was no longer made (no kidding, I've only heard this 10 times), so they didn't ship. On top of that, TT closed the incident as resolved. Great, huh? I asked when they were going to let me know - was told the "system" didn't provide them with those kinds of updates. Was told by CSR to go to 3rd party web site and buy what I needed. Not an acceptable solution. I'm pretty sure TT's warranty doesn't provide an exclusion for discontinued products. Escalated to supervisor, who told me he would escalate to corporate and it would take 30 days to get an answer. Wow, what incredible service. I suggested three solutions - refund my purchase price, exchange it for the new MC model if there is going to be one or exchange it for a ZUMO 550 or better. I was told none of those alternatives was an option. Looking for an immediate solution, I searched the web and found the mount (cradle, whatever you call it) is not available except perhaps on ebay - which is where the CSR told me to go - out of my own pocket, of course. Today tried finding a management contact at the Concord, MA US HQ and it is impossible to get through the automated phone system. Pressing zero for the receptionist (as instructed) disconnects the call. Called Support and asked for a contact at Concord. Refused to give anything but the address. Went through the whole thing again and was escalated to another supervisor who once again said they would escalate to coporate. Was told this time it would take 5-7 business days to get an answer. This problem isn't that hard to solve. One thing TomTom has solved though is an assurance I will be a Garmin customer for life. I can live without John Cleese telling me I have reached my destination.
Oddly enough, the CSR got one thing right. Out on the web you can get good quality mounts for both your Rider2 -- and Garmin handhelds. Over on "another board" having to do with geocaching, we recommend RAM mounts for both pedal bikes and those with engines above anything either manufacturer makes.

Meanwhile, I'd stand on your warranty claim. Don't let them off the hook just because they discontinued the product. A good manufacturer will retain enough service spares inventory to properly service their clients after production ceases for at least a couple of years. Heck, tell 'em that if they can't provide the part, you want them to buy you a RAM replacement! Won't happen, but it will be interesting to see if they're aware of RAM at tech support.
Mount Warranty Issue

Thanks for the suggestion, however the problem is not with the mount to the bike, it's the mount, shoe, cradle or whatever they call it that the GPS slides and locks on to. To the best of my knowledge, I haven't seen any 3rd party manufacture that item. I'm pretty familiar with RAM mounts having used them on the bike and in my sailplane to hold my flight computer. Any other suggestions are welcome!
Have you checked out the offerings at They may have something for you.
Rider 2 Problem

I'm not sure how to clarify the problem, but it's not the mount to the vehicle, it's the "shoe" or cradle the GPS slides on to and charges. has a great selection of GPS mounts, but I haven't seen a third party yet that makes the charging piece of the mount. Thanks for the suggestions though.
I have had much of the same issues with TT service and was unable to contact their corporate office as well. I finally had to file a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau to get my complaint resolved. Your complaint can be filed on-line at You will get results!
Good luck.

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