Custom menus?

Jan 2, 2008
FIRST; I apologize of this is an old question...but I'm old too and can't find an answer.
I have a Tom Tom Go720. Years ago I used a program called "Tom Tom Menu Builder" to re-organize the menu items and re-save in a folder called SdkRegistry on the device itself.
The file was called TomTom.mnu

I have been using it like this for years. Recently, I decided to tweak my tweaks. The device no longer responds to my new .mnu, in fact, I get a 1 page menu with what appear to be random icons. No Preferences, No New Page, way to go anywhere useful.

I do, of course, get the original un-edited menu when I DELETE the .mnu file altogether.

Is this no longer a solution? What happened? I'm up to date with version 9.+ and wonder of this fix has become obsolete?



It's possible. I have not yet tried any of my old *.mnu files on my 720 since updating to 9.401. It wouldn't surprise me if something about the new code (it hasn't been updated since 8.351) has broken the *.mnu feature.

I used to do it manually, then found a copy of the old Builder code. Both methods worked pretty well but the Builder was certainly faster!


It may no longer matter with 9.401 code, but here it is..

If you look at the *.mnu files that the MenuBuilder creates, you'll see that it's all in plain text and can be modified with a text editor. There are a couple of threads that were showing how to get certain functions back on some recent models that had lots of examples. Have a look here:

The old list can be found here, although it does not include all of the most recent options:

Here's a tool:

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