Custom menus for XXL 540?

Dec 1, 2010
New York
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XXL 540 TM, TT Go Android
Is it still possible to customize menus / screens for the XXL540 with third party software?

Has TT essentially shut down third party customization?

I have the newest TT updates installed.


Thanks for replying Canderson!
Tripmaster and offroad navigator do look interesting.

But I'd like to:

Reorganize my TT's menu items to make what I use more accessible. For example, I'd like to customize the first screen to include navigate from point A to B, fuel prices, & correct map error.

Change the color/ brightness of the lettering on the bottom of the screen at night to make it much less bright - It interferes with my night vision to have the TT on the windshield. The bright letters and numbers should be subdued red or green at night.

I have used color scheme editor to greatly improve the night screens. But that program does not offer options for the letters/ numbers on the screen bottom.
Thanks dhn, for your answer...

Frustrating though, that they didn't consider the effect on night driving.

This is combined with the fact that the night brightness does not reduce enough for dark driving conditions. It's bonkers really. Only workaround I know is to cover the screen with darkened green or red plastic at night. It's hard to believe the TT folks failed to consider this.

Also, to me, the bottom panel of information on my XXL 540 is very poorly done - it takes a lot of space, displays things I don't want or need, and does it illogically.

For example, The number for predicted amount of Time to arrival should be over predicted clock time of arrival.

The destination symbol should be over the distance to destination.

Putting these things diagonal to each other is maddening.

Not everyone wants speed displayed on the gps. I have that already on my dashboard. I also already have a real time clock on the dashboard. It wastes screen real estate to put them on the gps.
You can reduce night time brightness you know, set it to maybe 5%.

Also, you can adjust what you want on the status bar. For example, you do not need to see the current speed if you don't want it. Check the status bar settings.


I have the nighttime brightness at 0%. I have selected a dark color scheme (afrika).
The large white lettering is WAY too bright for driving in dark areas. It cannot be dimmed to dashboard level, not even close.
It is a significant safety hazard if the gps is positioned on the windshield because it interferes with night vision.

The Status bar options do not allow removal of the speedometer, do not allow removal of the compass indicator,
do not allow proper positioning of time data to be in a column or in row (they remain diagonal to one another),
These are the status bar options on a XXL 540:


Current time IS an option to select or not.


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