Corrupt Smart Media Connect SD

May 3, 2022
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Hi all - is there a method to restore my Smart Media Connect SD from the TomTom backups on my PC?
The card was not readable and so I formatted it - sigh!
I appreciate that the card is locked to the car/device but would rather restore from a backup than purchase a replacement card if possible?
The backups are located in /appdata/local/daimler/smartmedaiconnect/cache/backups/*/*/TomTom.000 etc.

Many thanks.
Much will depend upon what and where any keyed information was stored on the card - perhaps not in a formattable area.
Have you gone here and tried to reload the firmware?
Hi canderson, yes, thanks. The latest version is installed on my PC. There's no route from the software to reinstall the maps or repair the card tho. In settings, it shows the backup location, connections, downloads etc but useless from the point of restoring the damaged card. What I have are (I assume) good backups that cannot be restored - lol Of course I failed to mention that SMC doesn't see the card anymore 'cos it cannot be mounted.
I am assuming that it's normally possible to update the firmware using the supplied PC software and downloaded firmware file? I suppose it's possible that the software won't cooperate if it doesn't recognize a familiar card. Is that the issue?

Without mentioning that you formatted the card, you might contact the folks below, note that the card doesn't seem to be functioning now, and ask them how to obtain a proper replacement without paying full boat for it.
Once past the 'bot', you should be able to chat with a live human who may be able to assist.

Out of curiosity, what kind of warranty does this kit come with?
Por favor amigo, me ocurrió lo mismo... Como lo solucionaste? Me estoy volviendo loco

Please friend, the same thing happened to me... How did you solve it? I'm going crazy
In my opinion, only Tomtom customer service can help you is to assign you a card.
I had to have my SD card in my car and then "reset" the system by pressing the home button 5 times. My SD card then "synced" with my car and was readable in Smart Media Connect.

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