Apr 6, 2012
Austin Texas
TomTom Model(s)
GO2535M LIVE, GO730
I have the GO2535M unit. I am able to connect to MyTomTom and update my device. My problem is I cannot figure out how to copy POI files to my TomTom. I have a desktop running Windows 7. When I plug in the USB cable, I hear windows acknowledge new device although I do not see a Windows Explorer screen showing files. When I open Windows Explorer, I do not see a new device. When I click on Devices and Printers, I see TomTom listed as a network adapter. Any suggestions as to how I can copy my POI files to my TomTom?
Doesn't work like your 730. You can't see it like an external drive. It doesn't use TomTom Home, either.

First, be sure you have loaded and run MyTomTom (the new interface). Get it here:

Take the *.ov2 (and *.bmp icon) using the systray icon (lower right down by the clock) of MyTomTom, use Add Community Content. From there, you'll see how to load your own POI data to your new unit.
I logged into MyTomTom but I cannot find Add Community Content. I clicked and right clicked on the icon in the tray but still, I do not see Add Community Content. Please give me step by step instructions about how to access the Add Community Content option.
It should be here....


Either a left or a right click on the MyTomTom icon should open the correct pop-up window, but you do need to have the TomTom connected and switched on when you open it for the "Add community content" option to appear.

If you still aren't seeing it, tell us what version of MyTomTom you are running (it's found in Settings /About)

(Picture taken from a guide I just threw together earlier today How to add POIs, voices etc to the new "NAV3" TomTom models but if you aren't getting to first base, there's not a lot of point going to it yet!)
Well if it had been a snake it would have bitten me. Thanks for taking the time to point it out. For some reason, my systray would not disappear when I clicked on the TomTom icon. It just so happens when I clicked to make it disapear, myTomTom always came up. The trick it to move your cursor off of systray and wait a few seconds and the TomTom systray app will be revealed.

Thanks everyone for your help!
According to your details you have a GO 2565TMWTE, but I can't find that model on the US TomTom site, was it a typo for 2535?

If there really is a 2565, does it have an SD card slot you could use for extra storage?

(Unlike the old models, the POIs DON'T need to be in the same folder as the map....)
My bad Andy, typo. Yes I have a 2535.

Called CS today, waste of time. CS didn't have a clue what I was talking about, said they would have to "do some research" and get back to me. I won't hold my breath.
Add community content

The little "Add community content" pop up doesn't usually pop up on my computer. Actually, it's only popped up once in about 12 tries. My default browser is Firefox and I'm on a Windows 7 machine. At first, I had pop ups blocked but now I don't. Anybody having better luck? Any advice?

Is there a way to hack directly into the TomTom's file system yet? That may be easier than fooling around with this silly and slow web interface.
There is no way to hack into the file system on your model.

You may wish to try a different browser. And make sure you are using the corret cable that came with the device and a USB port on the back of the computer to connect the device.

And when you ARE connected to the computer, does MyTomTom's web site and the desktop's MyTomTom icon show you as connected even if the 'Add Community Content' does not show as a menu choice on the desktop?
Are you saying that you are having difficulty getting the systray icon to produce any results at all most of the time when you right-click on it? If your device is connected, it should reliably include a 'live' "Add community content" option along with "MyTomTom", "Settings" and "Close". If "Add community content" is gray and cannot be selected from the list, then it's a fair bet that the computer doesn't see your device connected for some reason.

If you are having a problem further down the road than this, please advise. I'm not sure what "'Add community content' pop-up" means exactly apart from the systray icon, or perhaps the window that allows you (later) to select which files you want to add to your unit. Can you describe a bit more?

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