copy/paste clipboard handling; iPod music overlay option; null voice clip bug

Discussion in 'Mobile Navigation' started by sierra058452, Aug 30, 2009.

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    Aug 30, 2009
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    I'd like to make two feature suggestions and report a bug with the TomTom app for iPhone. Perhaps the community may have a comment on the feature suggestions. And maybe the community has also experienced the same or a similar bug.

    Firstly, I'd like TomTom to support the ability to copy and paste routes to and from the iPhone's clipboard. So if I find an address in another application, then I can copy over that address to TomTom automatically. I'm guessing that it's not possible (due to Apple's security measures) for TomTom to read the clipboard without the user double tapping in a text field (and requesting a paste), but on the other hand if it's possible for TomTom to know the clipboard's contents without the user's intervention then a transparent import of the clipboard would be even quicker for the user. One challenge with this idea is that addresses can appear in many different formats, not all of which are official. But the TomTom application could rise to this challenge and translate a poorly formatted address into one that is canonically formatted. On the other hand, a fair amount of addresses are given in a reasonably consistent way, so that the copy and paste mechanism could be effective for a significant portion of use cases. Likewise, whenever a destination has been input through the TomTom system, then the resultant address could be given in a text field so that the user could choose to export that address to another application. When I say "another application", I don't just mean an arbitrary application only of secondary interest to TomTom. I'm speaking mainly of the Apple maps application, or an import/export from the Mail application--applications that others are already likely to use. The paste from TomTom could also end up being a multimedia paste, like a web page that is exported with text data and corresponding pictures.

    Secondly, I'd like TomTom to offer different options for handling the background iPod application music that is currently playing. Currently, the iPod music will pause whenever the voice is speaking. I would also like the option to let the music continue in the background but where the TomTom voice is an overlay on top of the existing music. Because TomTom already offers the ability to choose the output volume of the TomTom voice, this gives the user the freedom to make sure that they won't miss a voice instruction.

    Finally, I have experienced a bug when using the "English (New Zealand) - Katrina" voice. (However, the problem might be there with other voices too). Some of the time, when I am navigating to a destination, the voice from TomTom will include a phrase that is basically quiet white noise. I believe that this is there in place of what should be the proper phrase in this case: "You have arrived at your destination". At other times, that phrase is correctly output by the voice. But perhaps there is some variation on that phrase that was never recorded properly or isn't being addressed properly. So what I notice on my end is "Turn left, and then ...", where there is an extended pause. This happens on the penultimate step. When I do finally get to my destination, instead of hearing "You have arrived at your destination", I hear the music pause and there are a couple seconds of silence, followed by resuming of the music. I also notice this problem when I'm not playing music at all. This only occurs some of the time. I don't think it's a problem with audio, since it only occurs at the end of the route. I believe it's a problem with TomTom's choice about which vocal clip to select. It's as if there is a blank or non-recorded clip that is being chosen instead of the clip that would perhaps announce the end of the route. This hypothesis is supported by the sequence of experience that I have explained (and also due to the fact that at other times it works fine). When the system is working properly, I would hear the sequence "Turn left, and then You have arrived at your destination"; then after the turn left and when I have arrived, I would get "You have arrived at your destination". On the other hand, when I experience this anomaly, instead I get "Turn left, and then ...". And when I get to the destination, I get a null message "..." that only pauses my music but where the voice doesn't actually say anything.
    sierra058452, Aug 30, 2009
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