Contact importing - Middle Name first?

Dec 20, 2007
Hi, I recently recieved a 720 for the holidays and after much searching of this forum I can't seem to find anyone having a similar problem. For information's sake, the tomtom unit is paired with a sony ericsson z550a over bluetooth.

Essentially here is the problem. During the importing process the contacts (E.G. Bob R. Smith) are having their first names moved to the end of the name, so that on the tomtom it reads "R. Smith Bob". I would prefer to have my contacts organized as they appear on the phone (by first name, or, failing that, by last name). Especially when I have some couples in my contact list who are listed like "Rick and Jane Smith" and then become "and Jane Smith Rick" on the tomtom, which of course makes no sense at all and puts them all at the top of the list. Is there a setting somewhere to not display/organize contacts like this? Or is it a problem with the phone?

I understand I can simply edit the contacts.txt file on my tomtom, but seeing as I meet new people often and add their names to the phone, it would be much less frustrating not to need to repeat this very arduous process every time I get a new contact. Any ideas?


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