Commerce Bank Request

Oct 16, 2006
Would it be possible to get a POI for Commerce Banks and Commercebank ATM locations. There are a few Commercebanks listed online so in case you need it for anything the website for the correct commerce is This is a great site, keep up the good work.
Good Morning. I live in New York so I would be interested in mostly NYC area locations including Long Island. Thanks.
Commerce Bank Poi

Here is your Commerce Bank Poi
I put in Manhattan and some in L.I. you didn't give me a zip code so I put in a few areas hope it's fine for you you can add others on by going to the web site you gave and put in the zip area you are interested !

Ciao George


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I'm jealous!! Nobody wanted to take on my Union Bank of CA request? ;) Topic is below....Anyways...great work on this site! I've downloaded a few POI's and they work great!!
Thank You very much Giorgio, the zip code I am located in is 11793.

Pedro - Thank You for your help as well, if I need additional locations added I will let you know.
Commerce Bank Poi

Unfortunately I dispossed of the Poi file I sent you. What you can do is to add more Commerce Bank locations go to

and then turn on your tomtom go to page 2 of 2 main menu tap browse mapthen tap find then address then zip code or address city and street and number and write in the addresses given to you on the commerce bank web site.


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