Can't use Operate my nav device in Home?

Jul 18, 2010
was Nr Carcassonne France. Now NW Wilts England.
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TomTom Model(s)
Go6000, Go Exclusive that doesn't work properly
I have had a GO720 for about 9 years now and for a while I have been having a problem when I try to operate my GO using TomTom Home. It will let me do all of the updates to maps, etc, but when I try to operate it from Home all I get is a small part of the screen upisde down in the bottom right hand corner

I have the Europe maps on an SD card but the reaction is the same both with in in place and out. I have tried reloading the map from the original download that I saved and I have tried a different SD card. have also tried a hard reset with the SD card removed, but the result is always the same.

The Go720 works perfectly well as a stand alone device and I have been using it as such and programming routes into it with no problems, but it's very frustrating not being able to operate it via TomTom Home..
Hi dhn, I went to your link, but I had forgotten to say that I am on a MacBook. So I found the Mac version and it isn't a freebe. as this is going to be a rarity I had a look for a freebe and came up with AppCleaner and I removed the program. Downloaded and installed the new Home and I'm sorry to say that it's still the same.

So, back to square one I'm afraid? At least that's one thing out of the way though, so thank you.
Strange. Call customer support tomorrow and see if they can assist:

01 70 36 35 82
du lundi au vendredi de 09h00 à 17h30
I will do that and ta again. It should be good fun with my telephone French

I will come back with any info I get. Hopefully it will be sorted as it's so much easier to sort things out on the Mac than the TomTom.
Since that forced update to 3.510 to get my paid for map installments my screen looked like this:


Try this:
1. Get the FREEWARE version of Revo Uninstaller from here:
2. Completely uninstall Home 2
3. Get a fresh copy from Install.
See if things are better.

Reading that I decided to do that but things are not really better:


I used Revo a few times as well as Windows Add/Delete. No changes.
We have 2 Macs, the other is an iMac and I realised that I possibly hadn't tried the TomTom on it? So I plugged it in and it recognised that there was an update for Home and took an age to get it all up to date. Then I tried to operate my GO from it with exactly the same result. That, to me, points squarely at a problem with the GO.

Rather than go to the French teckys I will phone the UK place and see if they can help?? Much easier, especially if they were to get technical!!
If you had been on a rather old version of Home, it will want to update twice or even thrice.
I think you too should be on 9.510.
9.510 is the latest. If and when a new version is available Home makes it compulsory to update.

Since I cannot open Home at this time I cannot check where once could check for the newest build from within.
Perhaps I could convince SWMBO that I need to upgrade to something like a GO 6000?? Or what would be a better model?? I have read that there isn't POI support on the 6000? Is that true, because I have a fair number of them on my 720.
6000 does support POI files. Didn't at the beginning, but does now. Good news is that it's the same *.ov2 format you've been using on your 720, so they'll transfer. Method of installation is really different, though.
Well, it looks as if I have convinced SWMBO that it would be a good idea to upgrade So I am looking to go for broke and get a GO 6100, it's only money after all and as we told my kids when we moved to France 11 years back "It's a ski adventure" Spending the Kids Inheritance!!

The biggest surprise for me when I checked the prices here and the U.K. is that they are the same. That's not normal as the prices here are usually much higher and we buy loads from the U.K.
As a 720 user, you may want to check back in here after your purchase. The process of communicating with any of the two newer generation (since abut 2010) units is quite different, and does not use Home.
Also, be alerted that although you will hear the PC connect/disconnect USB chime, it is not seen as an internal drive.
Half a year ago I told anyone with a 7xx or 9xx who asked not to buy a NAV4 device just yet.
Some of the new functions are quite good and, as canderson said already, several of the ones you are used to have been added in OS upgrades, and more to come.
Yes, the 6100 uses MyDrive instead of Home. MyDrive also gets you access to a TT web site that can be used to load your POI to the 6100 over the air (vs. hardwired requirement of older devices).

Newest version available here >>>
Stick with the left hand side of the screen.

And a STRONG word of advice: Do NOT use the same email address for your new 6100 as you were using for your old 720. TT is still (heaven knows why) using email to differentiate between units instead of serial numbers.
I am afraid that link is not good for me and my Macs??

I wondered about the use of a different e-mail address? I suppose that it seemed logical to someone? Perhaps from a different planet??

I have downloaded MyDrive for Mac. All I need is a TomTom that it recognises?

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