Can't update TomTom OneV2 with speed camera locations - error message "too long"

Feb 24, 2008
Hey there,

I am updating my TomTom for the first time in months and although it ran a few updates like GPS fix when I first plugged it in, when it goes to update now, it brings an error message "too long", if I click the "back" button it shows the TomTom safety camera update then has the tick box ticked, but if I click install (again), it brings the error "too long" once again.

I bought the TomTom last summer (around June 2007) I am not sure if there is a subscription for the speed cameras but even if there is, it has another 4 months or so at least until the 12 months is up.

Anyone know anything?




Hello and welcome.
I'm not familar with the speed cameras TT offers because they don't offer it for North America.
You may want to Contact TT Support's center and let them know your situation.
Do you have the latest version of TT HOME?

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