Can't see the TOMTOM folders and files in my PC

May 4, 2015
Sydney, Australia
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TomTom Model(s)
GO 50
Dear the team,

I've just bought a brand new TOMTOM GO 50, I have done all activation, registration, map upfdate, life time map, etc via my computer. All has gone smoothly. How ever I have some issues that needed helps:

1/ My PC can update my TOMTOM bu using the software downloaded from the tomtom website. How even when I go to "my computer" in my PC, I can't find the TOMTOM there. It should be one of the yellow folders classified as C:, D:, E:, F:, ect but absolutely nothing to should my TOMTOM in my PC.

2/ The second thing, I don't know know how to set up to make a hand-free call from my TOMTOM. I can't find the bluetooth icon on TOMTOM screen or from the main menu of TOMTOM. I use the SONY Z2 Xperia.

Thanks guys for helping out. I am very much appreciated.



Unlike the old Nav2 units (you must have owned one if you were trying to see your GO 50 as an external drive), it's been a long time since you could fiddle with the file system of a TomTom. You skipped a whole generation (Nav3) and now have what we call a 'Nav4' unit.

Rather than appearing as an external drive, since Nav3 (a couple of years) these devices appears in the list with network cards in Device Manager. There is no access to the file system as there was before.

As to hands-free, none of the current generation support hands free calling over a Bluetooth connection.

What TomTom did you have before this one?
Thanks canderson for your reply.

My first TomTom was TOMTOM ONE then I switched to Garmin nuvi 2597LMT but I now go back to TOMTOM 50

If you said so, is there any way to root the TOMTOM GO 50?

I saw in this forum there is a way to take a screen from TOMTOm and then save them in the PC and post these pictures in the forum for assistance. If we can see the TOMTOM device in "Windows Explorer", Does it mean we are unable to put the new file (i.e. new maps) or capture a screen from TOMTOM?

I certainly wish that all users had access to the screenshot feature on Nav4 units the way we did for units like your ONE, but that feature is presently only available to beta testers. We've asked TomTom many times to make this feature available to all because it helps us here, but so far, no success. Reasons never given that I can recall.

No way to root the phone because there's no way at all to access (much less replace) the file system with a few rare exceptions. Here are a couple of addresses known to us: which is how we are able to access the screen shots.
Don't be fooled when you look at and see the 'pois' folder. The system they have created for POI transfer to the unit doesn't put them there.

We MAY rarely ask that you have a look at if a job gets 'stuck' on your unit (some sort of update failure).
We MAY rarely ask that you have a look at if we need to confirm something about your device settings.

But that's about it.


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