Cannot Format Hard Disk

Apr 6, 2013
United Kingdom
TomTom Model(s)
740 live
I recently performed an update using Tomtom home for my 740 Live. After updating the device I could no longer receive a GPS signal and after trying some of the suggestions on line I decided to back it up and reformat the disk ( which I have done before successfully)

Unfortunately the Format didnt work and now I am stuck at the point where when I put the Tomtom on its docking station it is recognised by windows 7 but when I try and format the drive it starts but after a minute or two I get an error message to say the format fails.

Tomtom Home also sees the device but when it try to write anything to it it also fails ( I assume because it is not formatted correctly)

I have tried using windows and another bit of software for the formatting and both fail.

SO unless anyone knows an alternative way of formatting the disk my questions are

1) Is the disk drive within the Tom Tom 740 Live replaceable ?
2) If not am I able to buy a micro SD card and then load all of the required software onto that - or would the internal hard drive still have to work for it to see the sd card ?
3) If no 2 is possible are there any directions as to how to carry this out online ?

Any suggestions would be appreciated

Thank you


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