Cannot de-select application update!!

I'm still being forced to update from app 8.312 before getting mapshares on the latest HOME version.
Now that's strange. It's leaving my 9,054 740 alone now. I thought I'd heard some similar results elsewhere as well. My option to move to 9.058 isn't grayed out, so I can select or not as I see fit at the moment.


I have checked this out on mine - it definitely is still forcing an upgrade from v8.371 to v9.058.

Perhaps they have changed it to only force a major version upgrade ( to

My version edit on TomTom HOME is still working well for me at the moment - lets hope they don't make any fundamental changes which stop it from working properly!
tom tom Go 540 live application update( firm ware update)

i connect my tom tom for live services subscription where i also update tom tom 540 live application( firm ware) . now my tom tom is bit slow . i did not bother back up before updating 540 live application. now the problem is i feel my tom tom is bit slow in various tasks. can any one send me a link or upload the older genuine verson of tom tom Go 540 application ( firm ware). new application is cool but it is a large file with plently more bits and bobs while tom tom Go 540 live runs on 64 mb Ram. it is not possible to increase the ram so the only solution for me ----rely on previous old genuine application(firmware).
if any one got tom tom Go 540 live he can connect that to computer and make a copy of application(if he has not updated tom tom application ) and send that to me.

We can usually supply links to older software versions, but it would help us a lot if you could tell us what versions you are talking about!
We could assume that it was from v8.371 to v9.058, but that's only a guess,

What is the version you have now? And can you remember what the version was that you had before?

Hopefully you realise now how important it is to make backups? So have you made one NOW, with the device in a working (if slow) state? Only then will you be safe to start making any more changes.
Thank you very much for giving us the heads up and to David for directing me to your original post in this matter.

I was using HOME and was was not asked to update previously.
With the introduction on I could not update the system without accepting that to be installed.
Denying installation and closing the pop up resulted in a complete shut down of the programme.

Following your instructions I changed to at \xul\application.ini.*
Starting HOME I updated the system, including MapShares, tried a few Demos and all seems to be fine.

Thank you very much, again.

* The ini file seems to be unstructured so it should be OK to leave Wordwrap engaged when using Notepad.
In a software Beta group the gurus always stress that Wordwrap MUST be unchecked before making changes and saving the file.
A suggestion for persons leery about playing with an ini file, first make a copy of the ini file in the same folder.
If something has gone awry, delete the changed original file and rename the copy by deleting 'Copy of '.
I am writing from Oslo Norway,becouse of problems with my ONE IQ Routes / 140 - 2GB.

i was driving from Hirshals danmark to amsterdam Nederlands.I drove to kolding-kiel-hamburg-bremmen groningen but after my trip i was told that was too long and could have saved handreds of kilimeters.
Now i am trying to install the new vertion but i am having difficult doing that.
i will be very much apreciated if get any help of how i will get the latest updates Thank you all.


Following your instructions I changed to at \xul\application.ini.
Just had to install HOME2 on a W7 computer.
It worked but for some reason, the displayed programme is twice the size on the screen although the actual 930 screen is regular size, covering 1/4 of the HOME screen.

Computer GURUs, Help!


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I've not seen that problem before. Why not report it 'over there' in the appropriate forum?


Perhaps mvl or canderson or someone else may provide some suggestions. As you well know, I'm pretty stooopid when it comes to mysteries like that. :(
i was driving from Hirshals danmark to amsterdam Nederlands.I drove to kolding-kiel-hamburg-bremmen groningen but after my trip i was told that was too long and could have saved handreds of kilimeters.
My old 805 Europe map from 2008 shows 9:08 hours and 969 km from Hirtshals to Amsterdam via Bremen and Osnabrueck, not Groningen.

Google shows the same route and distance as fastest with 9:15 hours and offers Groningen at 9:21 hours and 978 km.

Now i am trying to install the new vertion but i am having difficult doing that.
i will be very much apreciated if get any help of how i will get the latest updates
Have you considered to join a TomTomForum in the Norwegian language:
the newest home2 version forced upon me yesterday is:




Hi guys! I'm a rookie here but have read this entire thread in search of an answer to this issue about the mandatory software update. In my particular case, after applying the update, all seemed to work fine, except for this terribly annoying problem:
The computer voice reading names of places or streets or any other words (Portuguese) that contain either an accented vowel Such as "à" or "ê" or consonants such as "ç". What seems to happen is the computer voice for the Portuguese language works perfectly with my current version of software but ignores these kinds of letters.
This is a major nuisance, because those letters appear in at least one half of all Portuguese words and ignoring them creates unintelligible and/or ridiculous results. So, this is the issue I have.
I did the update two times and both times I had to reload the back up I had made before updating.
Now, following the advice provided in this thread, I notice that my GO 920 has now the software version and, as far as I can see, this version is working fine. The thing is, I am unable to download any data updates without having to the new software version that causes me the troubles I described before.
QUESTION: If I were to apply the solution suggested here, which software version should I use to make the modification as instructed?
Thanks in advance for any help you could provide.
Zelopes [FONT=&quot]
The Home software version should have no effect on the computer voice functionality on your device. The application version for your device should be at the 9.450 level.

You can always make an Explorer, not Home, backup of your unit's device. See here:

Then download any updates using Home 2. If the results are not satisfactory, you can restore your Explorer backup.


Hi dhn! and thanks for your immediate response.

That is what I did, I suppose. I just copied all files from my GPS drive to my computer drive, and then backwards when I needed to restore... And, like I said, I did this twice with exactly the same result!

Now, if the Home software version does not have any effect on the functionality of the GPS, then I completely misunderstood what alexdw_uk posted here before. If I read correctly, the “temporary solution” he suggested was to resolve issues in the works of his GPS that he (and other members of the forums) were experiencing.

What am I missing?

P.S. -- At this point, I would be happy if I just could apply some kind of patch measure to avoid having to make the download of that dreaded software update!... :confused:

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