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Dec 6, 2010
Surrey BC, Canada
TomTom Model(s)
Does anyone have up to date info on the status of the Canadian TomTom website?
They have been building it and in early November I was told by CS that it would be up to date by mid month. CS (USA) said that when setup was complete the Canadian site would offer all products and services currently available on US site.

I am interested in RENEWing a subscription to map update service for EU maps that I bought from the UK site last year(when there was no CDN site). I am told this update service has been available to US customers for some time. UK and US will not sell it to me because I am located in Canada.
UK site continually sends me e-mails offering me a deal ( in CDN dollars) to renew. My subscription expired in July and I have been attempting to renew since then but can't complete the deal online using either the UK site or the USA site. I have been told by UK and USA CS that I must purchase from the Canadian site.
My GPS is a 930GO
The Canadian website seems almost like an after thought at the best of times, what with all the misleading and incorrect information one sees on it (like the promotion of LIVE services when they aren't even available here).

That said, I'm not sure you'd even be able to get a EU subscription for your 930 -- even if you resided in the States. It seems to me that the subscriptions offer was for only the North_America map, even if you bought the 930 to have both maps available.

I do know that when I renewed my NA map for my 720, I had to set the site as USA (this was a yewar ago) and, even then, was sent to the European pay servers in the Netherlands where Canadians got stuck with an unrefundable 20% VAT. Since the Candadian $$ was weaker than it is now, it was a double whammy.

You can try CS again at 866-486-6866 and may get a more helpful agent.

If you are able to achieve your goal, please report back as others would be interested as well.
Thanks DHN.
I actually have the phone number of a CS supervisor in the US who is the last TomTom person I have dealt with. I was put in touch with her after I got totally frustrated with other CS agents and contacted the Canadian Regional Sales Manager. He (and the Vancouver Sales Mgr) agreed that I should be able to renew my subscriptions (I had a NA subscription as well). They put me in touch with a supervisor who was the one that told me the Canadian Site would eventually offer all products and services on the US site including the update services we have been talking about. She did say that I would have to create a new account for the Canadian site(which I have done). When I sign on it offers me a new EU map (ver 8.6) for $89. The map offered is the larger map which includes Russia, Greece, Turkey which is what I have now so that part is great if all I wanted was a single map purchase (I leave for an extensive road trip all the way to Turkey in April-----so want the most up to date map before I go.)
An amusing (frustrating!!!) sidebar is that the UK site offers me an update to the current ver 8.6 PLUS and one year subscription fee for a TOTAL cost of $75 CDN !!!!! Go figger.
I have placed a call to the CS sup to see when the Update service will be available and when the Spring map release date is (if they know).

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